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Your Sacred Calling

awakening the soul to a spiritual life in the 21st century

Front Cover of Your Sacred Calling

Sacred truths and authentic spiritual rituals and practices are fading rapidly from our world. The contemporary explosion of interest in spirituality and religion has been exploited and commercialized in this era of individualism and rendered superficial with an emphasis on immediate rewards. The truly spiritual and sacred practices have atrophied to the point of being almost extinguished... unless we act.

Your Sacred Calling invites us to take this seriously and become custodians of the future, to re-discover and practice profoundly sacred rituals that will revive and renew sacred-spiritual wisdom.

The contemporary world is in need of our mature and wise intervention. In Your Sacred Calling, psychotherapist and spiritual teacher Richard Harvey explores:

This book encourages and empowers readers to create and refine their own sacred calling. At the end of each chapter is a short summary that reviews the contents of the chapter, followed by questions and exercises to help the reader assimilate the written content into a personal experience through insight and understanding. My intention is that, rather than merely read this book, the reader relates to it interactively, that it will elicit real emotions, insights, and understanding, and provoke a creative response.

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Published 28th April 2017 by Austin Macauley Publishers, London

Pages: 348

ISBN-10: 1786129035

ISBN-13: 978-1786129031

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What readers say

Left Quote MarkI highly recommend this book to all seekers and hope those who have not yet felt the “Calling” from within will be guided to this noble book, in which the author puts forth a series of revelatory questions at the end of each chapter, inspiring illumination within the reader; and in which, there are such wonderful deep meditations bringing great balm of Divine Light to the soul.Right Quote Mark
Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff

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