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Couples Counseling

I have an international practice working with individuals and couples in person over Skype.

Relationships are one of the most potent catalysts for growth and change in our lives, and they can also be the most challenging. The fulfillment and loving connection a relationship can bring is matched by the conflict, tension, confusion and hurt it may inflict.

Couples counseling gives you the opportunity to speak, feel and communicate with your partner, to listen to what your partner has to say, and to understand your relationship patterns. The aim of the counseling is to heal the wounds and learn the skills to create a genuine, loving relationship that is fulfilling, life-enhancing and growthful for both partners.

A single session of couples counseling is often helpful in itself; a longer process may provide clarity and support to deal with ongoing issues in the relationship and to deepen intimacy. If you are interested in a couples counseling session, please read the information on therapy sessions, and contact me to arrange a free “mutual interview”.

What Brings Couples to Counseling?

In couples counseling we explore your needs, desires and resistance to intimacy in your relationship. Common issues that cause conflict and bring couples to counseling are: sex, money, parenting, balancing work and marriage, and the desire for intimacy and honesty.

Dealing with Conflicting Needs and Desires

We have many, often conflicting, needs of relationship—the desire for love and acceptance, romance, sexual closeness, friendship, passion, loyalty, trust, and growing intimacy. Yet we are often surprised when our relationships do not meet our expectations and our emotional patterns prevent our relationships succeeding.

Opening to Feelings

Energetically and emotionally we may close ourselves off from others (and ourselves) so that when we meet someone we are attracted to, our true feelings are hidden and unavailable to us. Learning to open to these feelings brings the new challenge of sustaining the life of a relationship by remaining open and working with the challenges that deepening in relationship brings.

Inner Growth and the Demands on Relationships

For people who already practice inner work, love and relationship become a path to personal and spiritual growth and development. Relationships are indistinguishable from their life path and inner development, and often raise questions such as:

The Path of Love and Relationship

When we choose to open our hearts and share our lives with another we are faced with one of our deepest challenges and opportunities. The journey of the heart can lead to our greatest joys and pleasures as well as opportunities for growth and transformation. For many of us the path of love and relationship is the most important aspect of a human life.

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Why People Turn to Therapy

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What clients say

Left Quote MarkWith deep gratitude for your eyes, your ears, your heart, your soul, we say farewell to this chapter of our journey.Right Quote Mark R. & M. T.

Left Quote MarkDuring our sessions with Richard we felt safe and well understood. We were surprised about his spot-on observations and the amazing effect of the exercises which he gave to us.Right Quote Mark O. & S. H.

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