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The Book of Being

a spiritual handbook for life's journey

The Book of BeingFor many of us there is a spiritual truth that the traditional centers of worship, spirituality and religion do not address and may not even allow. Within some of us today there is a deep knowing—a sense of an invisible priesthood that includes the common human-being and does more than just question the authority of established religion and alternative spirituality or criticize it because this knowing doesn't need any approval or ratification from any external, objective authority. Thus the normal rules are flouted, replaced by independence and a deep trust in personal wisdom.

For words and doctrine we need look no further than our own hearts. Perhaps it is a sign of the times. Perhaps it is as it should be. Perhaps it is as it should always have been. I have no idea. I do not have that kind of vision so I shall leave it up to others who do to determine that. But I can declare my own vision and offer it up for scrutiny and in doing so many meandering ends have been tied into the closely knit fabric of the weaving of the dream of my life's journey.

Download a Sample (Word 27kb) the contents, introduction and an extract of the last chapter of this book.

The Contents


Know Yourself · Be Real · Not Lying to Yourself · Price of Dishonesty · Gateway to Illusion · Transparent to Transcendence ·  Engage with Truth · Treasure of Life · Standing up for Yourself

Knowledge of Death

Death is Part of Life · The Exciting and the Unknown · The Unknown is in Every Moment · Loss of a Loved One · The World after My Death · Death in the Moment · Play · Consciousness does not End with the Death of Form · Wisdom of Uncertainty


Many Methods/Any Method · Awareness or Not · Honesty, Acceptance, Non-judgment · Judgment Taints Experience · Judgment Breeds Prejudice and Bigotry · Out of Awareness Comes Change · A Gift of the Eternal · Awareness is the Most Natural Thing

Ability to Reflect

What is Really There · Lessening Myself · Reflection Requires Honesty and Awareness · Reflecting: Two Focuses · The Meanings of the Word “Reflect” · Inner Focus · Thoughts without Interference or 'Blocking' · Clarity - Meaning

Curiosity and Openness

Taking down Fences when they Become Barriers · The Mind of Certainty · Curiosity · Openness · Questioning · Signs and Omens · Living Breathing Life

Knowledge of Powerlessness

Control · Life Ends · Something Greater Than Me · I Participate In “It” · The “Eternal” · The Eternal Refers Me to Myself · Futility · Shedding Is Growing · Living Wisely

Practice Power

Meeting with “the Other” · Full Potential · Practicing Potential · Miracle of Life · Power Over · Practice

Ability to Be Alone

I Am · What Prevents This · A Strategy · Alone In Relationship · Aloneness in Death

Experience of Inter-Connectedness

A Part of the Whole · I am Affected by Others · Karma as Consequence · The Light and the Dark · Directing Good Thoughts · Interconnectedness and the Self · The Self

Wise Friends

The Outer World · Purpose of Existence · Living to Experience · Material and Ritual · Exercise · Your Life is your Dream of Truth · Living in the Moment

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Self-Published 1998, Revised 2010

Pages: 32

Price: 15 euros (MS Word doc, 1,2MB)

What readers say

Left Quote MarkThe Book of Being is a little gem of a book, or should I say a little book of big gems, golden nuggets even! Full of insights and wisdom that resonate within and evoke that deep remembering of who I AM…
Its beauty is in its simplicity. Short statements prompt enquiry and reflection on such topics as self-awareness, authenticity, death and life, the wisdom of uncertainty and many more. The reading of it consistently provokes my innate curiosity and impulse to deepen and grow, and I'm sure it will yours. It is the kind of book you can dip into, and come back to, again and again.Right Quote Mark
Julie Kaloczi,
Reconnective Healing and EFT Practitioner
Wild Dolphin Experience Group Facilitator

Left Quote MarkThe Book of Being is a small book containing wisdom in the form of short, pithy sentences…Some of the sayings are jewel-like, distilled from experience and extensive study…However you interpret this little book, it forms a good basis for meditation and thought.Right Quote Mark
Jean Bullock, Book Review
Essence, Issue 3, Aug–Nov 1998

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