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connecting psychotherapy and spiritual growth for human awakening
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Online Courses for Deepening Spiritual Development

Richard Harvey offers a variety of courses that will further your exploration and deepening on your inner journey. Many of these courses will guide you through Richard’s groundbreaking 3-stage model of human awakening.

Sacred Attention Online

Group meetings for support and guidance for the psycho-spiritual journey

Led by psychotherapist and spiritual teacher RICHARD HARVEY

The first Sacred Attention Online group is now ongoing as a closed group of eight committed participants and applications to join and form a second group are invited.

The groups offer a gathering of likeminded souls to enhance, support and share the challenges, pitfalls and joys of inner work. The individual participants define the direction, themes and focus for each meeting. Each participant is invited to share how their personal and spiritual journey is appearing right now and to explore their experience of taking the next step toward unity, clarity and liberation.

Whether you are a therapist, a student of counseling/therapy, a psychological explorer or a spiritual practitioner you are welcome and accepted here without hierarchy, judgment or criticism.

If you would like to apply to participate, send an email to me at with your name and a few details about yourself, including your reasons for wanting to participate in the group and what you need at this time in your psycho-spiritual development. The Sacred Attention Online group meets on Sundays at 12 noon CEST (Central European Summer Time) every four weeks. The meeting lasts between one hour and an hour and a half, according to need and enthusiasm.

Once I have received eight requests I will schedule a starting date for the group to begin.

Thank you and with deep respect I look forward to seeing you at the second Sacred Attention Online group!

Sacred Attention Therapy (SAT) Online Training

The Sacred Attention Therapy (SAT) Online Training Course is a psycho-spiritual psychotherapy training that is progressive, radical, and innovative. The SAT training consists of four levels of teaching. Each of Levels 1-3 consists of twelve modules and the recommended time for completing each level of the training is between six months and two years. Level 4 is an inspired specialist manual in practicing as an advanced SAT therapist, capable of facilitating and guiding through the First and Second Stages of Awakening. This training is intended for:

Visit Center For Human Awakening—SAT-Online-Training for more details.

The Sacred Attention Vision

The course is designed to produce, through raising awareness, healing practices, disseminating wisdom and the formation of community, a radical, authentic means to psychological and spiritual enlightenment, a movement toward individual and collective healing. Each individual’s contribution is vital and requires courage and enthusiasm, creative thought and endeavor, motivation and inspiration. Each person’s part in this initiative is invaluable and irreplaceable.

Visit Center For Human Awakening—Sacred Attention Vision for more details.

Realizing the Divine

This short course is a spontaneous, channeled work. It offers an introspective journey through our spiritual experience to reveal the truth of our existence. Along the way, Richard explores personality cults of religious and spiritual endeavor and shares how to obtain liberation and live in a way that fully embraces spirituality and a sacred-spiritual life. Realizing the Divine consists of three video lecture presentations and a Supporting Document (pdf file) which includes the course contents, introduction, course summary, synopsis and commentary from Rev. Robert Meagher, exercises, and a bibliography. The course comprises the following three lectures:

Visit Center For Human Awakening—Realizing The Divine for more details.

Inner Treasure and Outer Wealth: Charging for Therapy

This short course is intended primarily for therapists and counselors, although clients, seekers, and general students may find the subject of interest. The course comprises the following three lectures:

Visit Center For Human Awakening—Charging for Therapy for more details.

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About Personal Change and Therapy

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What clients say

Left Quote MarkWorking with Richard was one of the most profound and healing experiences of my life. I was experiencing spiritual emergency in my personal process and I couldn't have had a better spiritual guide to be my companion along the way. He could go wherever I needed to go. He could hold the space for me to do whatever I needed to do; working from his intuition and with great wisdom, love and care. I went on to work with Richard in his spiritual development groups as well as on a one-to-one basis. He has been a huge blessing in my life for which I am most grateful.Right Quote Mark J.K.

Left Quote MarkI would like to take this opportunity to show my appreciation of the Liberating the Self online course. Thank you for the course and its afterglow, still provoking and alive. I look forward to your new book.Right Quote Mark J.R.

Left Quote MarkWhen experiencing a crisis I reached out and came across Richard. As a therapist he challenged my fixed ways and was the guide who kept me focused. He works closely with his instincts and that helped me to believe in my own. To sum up how he helped me isn't easy as there was so much that we uncovered. I like to think of my experience with him and the others in the workshops as a book that I dip into that sets me on way each time I toddle off course! I have learnt so much about myself and others and for that I thank him.Right Quote Mark A.L.V.

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