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connecting psychotherapy and spiritual growth for human awakening
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Dharma Sky

talks on psychological and spiritual understanding and renewal for the modern era

Front Cover of Dharma Sky e-book

The following is an edited version of the foreword by Robert Meagher:


From November 2012 to May 2013 I had the honor and privilege of attending two series of online lectures by Richard Harvey. The first series was titled The Sashti Poorti Lecture-Seminars and was comprised of the following eight lectures:

The second series, The Panchavati Online Discourses, contained the following six lectures:

Following the two lecture-seminar series, Richard decided to compile the transcripts of all fourteen talks into an e-book. And I was once again gifted with the honor of being asked to write the foreword for this wonderful e-book that Richard is now extending to all of humanity. The resulting manuscripts contained in this e-book are a divine gift from Source itself. There is a blessed purity and sacredness about the lectures that vibrates off the page or screen.

Following the lecture proper, Richard would invite questions and sharing by participants. This was a welcomed opportunity to ask for clarification of lecture content and/or share experiences and insights gleaned from the talks. Richard has delicately honored that aspect of the lectures by integrating questions and answers into the manuscripts. His compassion and support throughout the discussion portion of the lectures provided a safe and welcoming environment for all to share in the experience.

Richard brought the lectures to life through his sharing of personal experiences that are recounted throughout the transcripts and which illustrate immensely vital material for this time in humanity’s evolution and transformation. These personal stories enriched the lectures and made the experience divinely human. There was no question that Richard had walked the path before and learned from his, at times, arduous journey. Now, it is his desire to serve humanity through an expanded view of psychotherapy and spirituality, Richard is offering his journey for all to examine and, if they are brave enough, to learn from.

The overarching tone of the lectures was compassionately introspective. Richard invited participants into a safe and peaceful space for listening with all of one’s senses. His personal approach often compelled the participant to look at their own lives through the lens of Richard’s three-stage model of psycho-spiritual development.

While accessible to anyone oriented toward inner work, the lectures are steeped in deep truths that challenge and invite us to venture within to discover our true self. This discovery process is not unlike yin yoga poses that initially challenge us to relax our muscles. Our body’s automatic response is to protect itself and resist being stretched. However, if one is courageous enough to hold the pose for an extended period of time, the muscle eventually relaxes and the underlying fascia, the connective tissue that surrounds the muscle, blood vessels, and nerves, allows us to sink deeper into the pose. The lectures contained in this e-book offer the seeker the same experience. Stay with the lecture and you will eventually relax into the deeper truths embedded in the prose.

Richard is a gift to humanity. As everyone who participated in the lecture series is a gift to humanity. You are a gift to humanity. Embrace the divine grace that resides within you. May these sacred manuscripts open the door to that divine grace and welcome you home to everlasting peace.

Shanti, Namaste, Agapé,
In love, gratitude, compassion and forgiveness…

Rev. Robert Meagher
Founder and Spiritual Director
Spiritual Guidance
Ottawa, ON, CANADA

The Contents

Foreword by the Rev Robert Meagher  7 

Introduction  10

PART 1: From Freedom to Awakening


The Path of Love, Devotion and Surrender Part 1  14

Introduction to my work and the Sashti Poorthi lectures  14
The lecture topics  15
The human dilemma  16
What is freedom?  17
You are hardly free…  18
You are not free to be yourself  19
The courage to be free  20
Relatively free and absolutely free  21
Absolute freedom, devotion, and love  22
A poem: Sashti Poorthi  22
Exercise: Consider your life…  23

The Path of Love, Devotion and Surrender Part 2  25

Bound  25
Eternity in time  27
Student, disciple, or devotee?  27
Practicing devotion  28
Dedicated to the Divine  29
Immersed in Unity  30
How the mind works  31
You and I are absolutely free  32
Exercise: How you feel constricted…  32
A summary  33

Blessing, Gratitude, and the Golden Opportunity Part 1  34

The longing for the Divine  34
The mystery and the call  35
The gate and receiving the gift  36
Appreciation and response  37
A revolution in consciousness  38
Honoring my gate  39
A new path of opening and discovery  40
Exercise: Honoring the gate: Parts 1 to 3  41

Blessing, Gratitude, and the Golden Opportunity Part 2  43

The soul is not the spirit  44
Exercise: Honoring the Gate: Part 4  45
Non-attachment, even to the means to Truth  46
Fetishizing and the teachings of truth  47
Beyond the gate 48 A poem: Surrender  48
Everything is Consciousness  49
Real nature  50
This miracle of life  51
The viewpoint of Truth  52

Awakening, Liberation, and Spirituality in the World Part 1  55

Everything resolves in its opposite  56
All is Consciousness  57
A sense of self  58
An eternity of longing  59
An attitude of presence  59
People need to talk  60
First stage awakening  61
A culture of fantasy  62
Psycho-biological retardation  63
Authentic sacred attention and the imitation  64
An historical perspective  64
Near and far enemies  65
Sacred attention in the 21st century  66

Whole-body listening  67
Second-stage questioning  67

Awakening, Liberation, and Spirituality in the World Part 2  68

Which stage of awakening am I in?  68
The attraction of fear 69 Fear becomes a friend  70
Awareness and authenticity  70
The loss of sacred attention  71
One in Consciousness  73
Sacred practice and ritual  73
Disaster scenarios  75
Openness  76
Acceptance  76
Expansive communication  76
Resonance  77
Staying “on”  78
The present reality  78
Blessed state of attention  79
Sacred attention is always present  80

A Radical New Approach to the Human Predicament in the 21st Century
Part 1  82

Specialization versus the expanded view  83
Discovering the model  84
A new mythology  86
Progressive methods  86
Doing and being  87
Spiritual instruction  88
The Kaliyuga  89
The idea of awakening  90
The first stage of awakening  91
The ancestral tide  93
The name of God  94
Divine reflections of One Love  95

8 THE THREE STAGES OF AWAKENING: A Radical New Approach to the Human Predicament in the 21st Century Part 2  97

Heaven on earth  97
Deepening in the life of authenticity  98
The final paradox  99
Why are you attached?  99
Do I have to study?  101
From the top of the mountain  101
You are human and divine  103
God is you and you are God  104
A breath of the purest air…  105
An entirely new flower  106
The mystery and the apotheosis  107
A view of eternity  108

PART 2: Compassion, Soul and Seeking...



I am and I am not
We are All
From the level of appearances to centering in the heart
From all is One to transcending the opposites
From knowing where love appears
to the transformation of suffering
Absence of self
The Heart of Compassion Exercise


The wonder of it
How is the soul born into the world?
The spiritual path
An evolutionary shift?
Spiritual realization is an inner event
Loss of the human center                           
The Drop of Honey
Four spheres of human experience
The thinking realm
The practice of radical awareness
You think “reality”
The personal narrative
Tricking the mind

(inc How the Soul is Born into the World Part 2)

The disguise of your nobody-ness
From simplicity through complexity to simplicity
The Essence of Love expresses itself in endless forms
The second veil of darkness
The realm of non-relationship
The dark corners of relationship
Everything must disappoint you

(inc How the Soul is Born into the World Part 3)

What does spirituality have to offer?
Great adepts suffer
Being blissful always
You are merely a drop of water…
Intuition of eternity
Spiritual teaching is metaphor
Authentic spirituality is serious
Acting out the agony
The natural course of life
Someone who knows you better than you know yourself
The Third Realm: Nature
The end of the present series


The dilemma
Spiritual preparation is seeking
What are kriyas?
The fifth sacred tree
You are not here
Spiritual status and prestige
Reality is like food
Sighting truth
The epitome of love
Surrender is non-attachment
Seeking is of the ego
The true teaching
The essence of spiritual teaching
The pleasures of the world
The ego is the seeker


What is the true nature of human beings?
This sense of wonder…
Find two things exactly the same
The fork in the road is the peak of the mountain
Happiness is not the outcome of desire
Three ways to Self-realization
When the inner world outshines the outer world
Life seeks fulfillment
The Threshold of Transformation
The journey of self-discovery
Crossing the void…
Authenticity is base camp



A note about the original courses

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What participants say

Left Quote MarkI am almost speechless at the end of your discourses. I'd like to take the opportunity to express my deepest gratitude. All of your talks are deeply moving and your gift for raising consciousness is breathtaking. The words of profound wisdom you express have resonated with me and reached me in an unimaginable way. They have given me the gift of deep introspection. There is such richness to be gained by having the honor to participate in such a graceful display of heartfelt dialogueRight Quote Mark
Louise Leroux, Counselor and Social Worker

Left Quote MarkIt was like the journey of 1000 years! I am grateful beyond words! Right Quote Mark
Florin Buzatu, Psy D, psychology student

Left Quote MarkI have been astounded by the truths that Richard's talks revealedRight Quote Mark
Tarajia Morrell, actor, writer, restaurateur

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