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Richard Harvey

connecting psychotherapy and spiritual growth for human awakening
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My Approach to Therapy

My approach to therapy is based on an authentic meeting. The central characteristics of this meeting are mutual respect, openness and empathy. My work is founded on the essential practice of awareness and my style is receptive and client-led, intuitive and responsive.

I intend to provide an environment of safety and support in which you can share your inner and outer experience with me without judgment or interpretation.

The Therapeutic Relationship

The therapy relationship is a deep alliance of trust and shared intention. Support for the inner journey may be psychological counseling, guidance in exploring the deep unconscious, or spiritual teaching. The effective therapy relationship challenges your self-restricting patterns and supports your inner development.

The process has the capacity to lead to insight, understanding and a true connection to essence. The therapy relationship is inherently natural and alive, often vibrant, spontaneous and unpredictable, and always healing.

Shared Aims

The shared aims of therapy are to encourage and empower you to release restrictive emotional-behavioral patterns by shedding your habitual character defenses, and embrace the challenges of life as positive opportunities for growth and change.

Through dialog and shared reflection, we reveal the unconscious self-contraction created by fear and conflict, anger and frustration, pain and hurt, grief, sadness and shame.

My Belief

I believe in the integrity, innate wisdom and natural self-healing ability of human beings. We can overcome our limitations, fulfill our innate longing to be authentic and realize our unique individuality through self-honesty, strong intention and courage.

Therapy succeeds through persistent, gentle consideration and exploration of the inner realms of the body-mind, soul and spirit expressed in thought, emotion, feeling, awareness and the sense of self.

Through empathy and acceptance we experience the deep healing that leads to happiness, joy, satisfaction, and the fulfillment of your true and complete potential.

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Therapy and Spiritual Fulfillment

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What clients say

Left Quote MarkAfter more than a decade of undertaking and encountering various forms of therapies and therapists around the world, coming to work with Richard Harvey both one-to-one and in couple sessions feels like a revelation …as if all my years of prior inner work were merely a preparation for my journey towards healing my painful past and moving towards wholeness, which now seems possible. Richard's work is clearly rooted in his heart and his long experience as a practitioner, yet gifted and guided, it seems to me, by his deeply humane abilities and qualities.Right Quote Mark L.S.

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