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Bodhi Ocean

talks on self-discovery, authenticity, and divinity as an urgent imperative in the contemporary world

The following is an edited version of the foreword by Robert Meagher:


Bodhi Ocean is the third in a trilogy of e-books featuring a divine compilation of manuscripts from three series of psycho-spiritual lectures by Psycho-Spiritual Psychotherapist and Spiritual Teacher, Richard Harvey.

The Hsüan-Hsüeh Discourses in this e-book are humbly and respectfully dedicated to the Hsüan-Hsüeh movement which discussed and mediated the traditional doctrine of withdrawal from the world and merged the philosophy of Confucius, a long-time imagined and sometimes perhaps real, opponent of Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu, with Taoism or the Perfect Way. The Hsüan-Hsüeh Discourses take a Taoist story and relates it to a passage from another spiritual tradition before relating and extending the themes to Richard’s sacred-spiritual model of human growth and development for the modern era.

The Hsüan-Hsüeh Discourses are a delightful and illuminated stroll through five profound teachings on wisdom, separation, destiny, spiritual birth (or baptism), and stillness. Each of the stories in The Hsüan-Hsüeh Discourses offers profound windows on truth. Combined with Richard’s insights and teachings, The Hsüan-Hsüeh Discourses offer a rich blend of ancient wisdom teachings and modern-day, meta-psychology for the 21st century.

The Ternion Talks are a triad of sublime lectures (‘ternion’ meaning three): Being Born A Human Being: An Invitation to Live in the Divine Mystery; Who Needs A Guru?: The Discovery of the Divine in Your Life; and To Realize Consciousness: Merging with the Divine. Being Born A Human Being discusses our invitation to live in the Divine mystery through self-awareness and self-reflection. Who Needs A Guru? explores the question of whether the student benefits from, or needs, a spiritual teacher in their life. Who Needs A Guru? examines a student’s relationship to his/her spiritual teacher, the different ways we consciously and unconsciously reject a spiritual teacher, and the truth in the guru relationship. Richard also shares the levels of spiritual preparation required for relationship with your spiritual teacher.The message of To Realize Consciousness is that we must come to realize the only thing that is real is love. Along the way, however, we must experience the passing of the delusion and the importance of assimilating great wisdom and making it our own. To Realize Consciousness echoes the great teachings about the importance of selecting a path, remaining true and committed to that path, and the reasons we need to do so.

Substantia caps off Bodhi Ocean with a series of six lectures. The Substantia talks focus on a different aspect of the psycho-spiritual journey and extend the themes to Richard Harvey’s sacred-spiritual model of human growth and development for the modern era. “Substantia” means essence and this essence is at the very heart of the six lectures in the Substantia series and all 42 lectures that Richard Harvey has lovingly gifted us with over the past three years.

It is rare in today’s world to have the opportunity to share in sacred and divine teachings. But the words that gracefully flow across the pages contained herein, and previously penned in Dharma Sky and Moksha Dawn, are of such a heightened level of consciousness that they do run the risk of being overlooked by the uninitiated. Our modern lives are rife with egoic distractions that turn us away from the sacred at every corner. It is the rare soul that rises above the chaff to reach transcendent levels of awareness. For those rare souls, this e-book, and the two that preceded it, will guide you the rest of the way on your journey.

Rev. Robert Meagher
Co-Founder, Vice-Principal, and Senior Tutor at Sacred Attention Therapy, Founder and Spiritual Director at Spiritual Guidance, Ottawa, ON, Canada.

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Self-published on this site in January 2016.

Pages: 309

Price: 35 euros (PDF document, 2.4MB)

NEW! Bodhi Ocean is also available in ebook format (Kindle, Kobo, NOOK etc). Please visit Amazon, Apple Books or Barnes & Noble for purchase.
£15.99 / €17.99 / $20.99

What readers say

Left Quote MarkRichard Harvey has written a profound book [Moksha Dawn] on this crucial theme linking spirituality and therapy. His passion and knowledge are an act of service.Right Quote Mark
Malcolm Stern, Executive Director Alternatives and psychotherapist

Left Quote MarkI find Richard's work to have both a simplicity and depth to it. I started with his work Essential Self; and have now moved on into his work Moksha Dawn. He has a way of bringing home the “truth” of things, enlightening with an understanding that opens a space of safety to personal discovery and awareness unlike any other that I have seen. I feel a very strong connection to his work; and for any that are ready to walk a path that beautifully blends the practical and the spiritual realms; then you will want to delve into Moksha Dawn, as well as his other works. Richard offers us the opportunity to do the “real” work on ourselves. His work is one that can also unfold layer after layer so that no matter where you are on your path you will get something out of it. You can go back time and time again and get a new piece as the layers unfold for you. If you are ready to live a sacred life, and to experience a “yes” from reading the truth on something then Moksha Dawn is a reading that you will want to journey with.Right Quote Mark
Jesse Ann Nichols George, Code Interpretor, Scribe, Speechmaker, and Radio Show Host

Left Quote MarkThe words you write leave a huge impact and create a lasting memory. Words can make a relationship and your words and the way you express yourself which accelerates the mind. There is something about words. In expert hands, manipulated deftly, they take you prisoner. Wind themselves around your limbs like spider silk, and when you are so enthralled you cannot move, they pierce your skin, enter your blood, numb your thoughts. Inside you they work their magic. This is the magic of your words Richard Harvey.Right Quote Mark
Swapnali Deshmukh, Ayurvedic Doctor, Mumbai, India

Left Quote MarkRichard's books, videos, and posts light sparks in my soul. Over the last few years Richard's work has been a reminder of love, authenticity, and a gentle guidance towards a deeper understanding of self. I have continued to gain this deeper understanding of who I am, who I want to be, and the possibility of what this all means for me and others in the future.Right Quote Mark
Haris Tzortzis, BA (hons), PGCE Primary, Diploma in Life Coaching, NLP Practitioner, Founder of Happy Light Coaching Ltd.

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