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Richard Harvey

connecting psychotherapy and spiritual growth for human awakening
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Individual Counseling and Psychotherapy

I have an international practice working with individuals and couples in person and over Skype.

Individual therapy provides you with a safe and supportive environment to explore your inner world and deal with the deep causes of your personal life issues, and grow through them. We discover how you feel, think and relate to the world, to others, and to yourself.

In individual therapy your experiences are heard with openness and acceptance and explored with skilful guidance and shared reflection.

I have described below some of the reasons for undertaking therapy, the benefits it can provide, and the different levels at which it can work.

If you are interested in therapy sessions, please read the information on therapy sessions, and contact me to arrange a free “mutual interview”. Therapy usually begins with six sessions, after which you could choose to start an open-ended course of therapy.

Counseling, Psychotherapy and Spirituality

In therapy we can engage in different levels of attention and self-enquiry:

These different levels of inner exploration are not necessarily predictable: coming to therapy to address a current life problem may lead to spiritual exploration, just as the intention to explore spiritual realms may lead to exploring unresolved issues in childhood.

Developing your Innate Abilities

In ongoing therapy you are gently encouraged to develop your innate self-healing and self-regulating abilities. Moving at your own pace and allowing time for integration and stabilizing in new insights, you are given suggestions for working on yourself between sessions. Individual therapy is appropriate for dealing with specific life issues, self development, realizing your potential, and spiritual growth.

Sharing Life Issues

We are constantly changing and growing and how we respond to the challenges of life is crucial. Everyone needs help and guidance, particularly when changes challenge our sense of ourselves. Therapy allows us to share our life issues with another so that our difficulties can be embraced as positive opportunities for growth.

Positive Opportunities for Growth

These opportunities arise in relationship difficulties; a sense of meaninglessness or lack of purpose; managing illness; emotions like anger, fear, sadness or loss; bereavement; anxiety or depression; disempowerment; stress; confusion; dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

Resolving Life Experiences

In therapy we explore our life experiences that seek resolution. It is an act of great responsibility and caring for ourselves when we make ourselves worthy of our attention and deep consideration. When we have resolved past experiences, we are available to the present moment where life is, where our enrichment and happiness reside.

Deepening Awareness

If we choose, we can venture further into the realms of human consciousness. Through deepening awareness we can reach the in-visible, spiritual realities of subtle energies and can open to true relationship with others and the world. With empathy and compassion we can journey beyond separation and discover our true purpose. Beyond this we can journey into increasingly profound levels of consciousness to discover our true nature so that Love, Truth and Wisdom become real for us.

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Who can Benefit from Therapy?

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What clients say

Left Quote MarkBefore seeing Richard for therapy I saw numerous therapists, mainly counselors, all of whom seemed to help initially. But we always got to a dead end. Now I realize that was because the work was mostly on a superficial level. Psycho-spiritual therapy provides the tools for a far deeper exploration of what is really going on, uncovering lots of buried stuff which I was previously unaware of. For me there is no going back! …It is invaluable to have a solid place to share these things and explore them…Thank you, RichardRight Quote Mark S.P.

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