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The Sacred Attention Therapy Group Work Manual


Who is this Manual For?

Front Cover of The Sacred Attention Therapy Group Work Manual

What Does the Manual Contain?

The manual contains two main parts: an examination of the basic building blocks of therapy groups and a compilation of therapy group exercises collected under several headings.

The first part, Elements of Group Work, discusses the setting, the space, the leader, the group circle, the challenges the leader faces, beginning and ending the group, time boundaries, and preparation for participation in group work.

In the second part of this manual you will find approximately 150 exercises. The exercises are based on Sacred Attention Therapy, which is a psycho-spiritual psychology and psychotherapy. The exercises are organized under nine headings for ease of use. The exercise section provides enough material for many hours of group work.

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Published in August 2018 by Sacred Attention Publishing

Pages: 120

You can now order this book from the Center for Human Awakening on their online bookshop

What readers say

Left Quote MarkI have so loved your writing, so well attuned as it is to the relationship between being and becoming, so compassionate of the apparent journey to a destination we never left that it makes my soul thrill in self-recognition! Thank you for the support and sweet encouragement you have offered me (without knowing) in my journey to awakening! In gratitude.Right Quote Mark
Andre Van Zijl, Co-Director/Administrator, All Paths Divinity School

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