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Your Divine Opportunity

how to awaken to your true self in the modern era

Front Cover of Your Divine Opportunity

From the foreword to Your Divine Opportunity by Nicholas Wright:

“You can easily find dozens of books that make pronouncements such as ‘All is One’. But is Oneness actually so, for the authors of these works? Is it the Reality they live in—and that Lives them, as every depth and shallow of their activity? Alternatively, is it just an idea, a theory? If you are somewhat sensitive you can intuit the answer, in the act of reading. If the author is only writing theoretically, it may all be very interesting, as an imaginative exercise. But any light is then accompanied by darkness, any joy by pain, any transient love by sadness—despair, even. If, however, the author is writing from—or better, as—the Truth of Oneness, then perhaps any or all of those sensations may be present … and, there is something more: the authentic touch of Eternity.

In this work, you can find that Touch. And you can find wise counsel on how to deepen and stabilize your contact with it – in your life and relationships, and as your very identity. As Richard points out, it’s vital for the future of humanity that this deepening and stabilization be given vastly more attention and energy than has been the case to date. One major obstacle to a widespread and radical shift in humankind’s collective priorities is the current smokescreen of inauthentic, popular, diluted, ‘spirituality’. When popular authors are writing theoretically or conceptually, but posing as the real thing, they energize dynamics of deception and conflict—taking the spiritually-inclined in precisely the wrong direction. They pollute the atmosphere with a smokescreen of confusion. Here, in contrast, you can find a ray of clear light, to guide you through our present darkness.

Crucially, Richard emphasizes that awakening to True Identity cannot be accumulative, something that is earned or built up over time. Liberation is a total ending of the process of illusion, and ending primarily occurs through emptying. Awakening is an instant at the margins of time in which the always-already Timeless One starts to shine irrevocably, as who you always were and always will be. Nevertheless, deconstruction of illusion can and usually does take time. In this book you will find real information about the challenges and concerns of such a path, and how to live them.

Authentic spirituality isn’t something a conventional-‘I’ can embark on, as it may a cooking class, or a college course. The ‘I’-word typically labels a complex bundle, including a separative process and an illusory output from that process. As both process and output must end completely, this ‘I’ obviously can’t find happiness – or anything else!—in the spiritual. ‘You are the Universe’ can only be meaningfully said to one who isn’t participating in illusion—and that one differs radically from the currently-consensual ‘I’. A rarity in the current field, Richard deeply understands, speaks to, and illuminates this point, here and in the rest of his remarkable corpus of work.”

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Published in November 2020 by Sacred Attention Publishing

Pages: 148

Price: 35 euros (PDF document, 2.0MB)

What participants say

Left Quote MarkYour Divine Opportunity is a fitting conclusion to the trilogy of spirited books that began with Your Essential Self and was followed by Your Sacred Calling. Your Divine Opportunity minces no words about the spiritual crisis in the modern era before showing the reader how to work with the present predicament to realize our full potential and fulfill our human nature. Your Divine Opportunity carefully and thoughtfully guides the reader inward toward a divine life and authentic spiritual practice. The result is an awakening of our true heart-nature and the birth of our soul. Right Quote Mark
Rev. Robert Meagher

Left Quote MarkYour Divine Opportunity is the third in a series of three books written by the renowned psycho-spiritual teacher and therapist Richard Harvey. The first two installments, Your Essential Self and Your Sacred Calling left a profound impression on my personal, professional, and spiritual life; it is no exaggeration to describe them as life-changing works. Your Divine Opportunity continues Richard’s focusing deeply and inspirationally on the living of a spiritual life, practice (or the wayless way), and the realization of ourSelves, the true nature of our Humanity. All Richard’s books speak to a sacred Truth beyond the usual “spiritual” books and Your Divine Opportunity is no exception. Right Quote Mark
Oliver Baum, psycho-spiritual psychotherapist, BA, MTheol, MBACP

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