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Moksha Dawn

talks on a radical and innovative approach to spirituality and the sacred in the 21st century

The following is an edited version of the foreword by Robert Meagher:


From May 2013 to January 2014 I had the honor and privilege of attending two series of on-line lectures by Richard Harvey. The first series was titled The Silent Thunder Online Discourses and included the following five lectures:

The second series was The Novena Teachings and included the following nine lectures:

As with Richard’s previous e-book, Dharma Sky, Richard has compiled the manuscripts of all the lectures from the Silent Thunder Online Discourses and the Novena Teachings into this beautiful e-book, Moksha Dawn. And I was once again gifted with the honor of being asked to write the Foreword for this wonderful e-book.

Moksha Dawn was an appropriate title for this work. The word ‘moksha’ means ‘liberation’ in Sanskrit; liberation from ‘samsara’, the cycle of death and rebirth. Samsara is thought to have been incorporated, first, in the Buddhism and Jainism faith traditions, and later adopted by the Hindus. These traditions believe that samsara can be attained while one is on earth. In dualistic traditions (e.g., Dvaita), moksha is seen as a loving, eternal union with God and is considered the highest form or perfection in existence..

The compilation of lectures in Moksha Dawn presents the reader with an opportunity to explore samsara. With the Novena Teachings lectures, the reader is invited to explore the worldly emotions that tie us to this existence (e.g., anger, disenchantment, etc.) and the emotions that pave the way to our liberation—like awareness, devotion, surrender and love. The Silent Thunder manuscripts speak to the Crucible of Awakening that leads us to the Awakening the Heart Nature and The Philozovo, our experience of passionately responding to the call of the Divine.

As always, Richard put so much love and care into preparing the individual lectures and the series as a whole. All lectures, and the entire series, were bathed in truths. For example, the 9-part lecture series “The Novena Teachings” was inspired by the meaning of the word ‘novena’. ‘Novena’ refers to nine days of devotional prayer to invoke spiritual grace and sacred favor. The novena implies a sense of urgency and spiritual longing. The practice originated in the Greek and Roman custom in which families performed nine days of mourning after the death of a loved one, followed by a feast.

These two sets of lectures are perhaps Richard’s most courageous lectures to date. He challenges conventional and more populous views of spirituality—sometimes to the degree of seemingly contradicting these conventional views. In challenging the status quo, Richard offers us truths to guide us toward a most precious gift—to discover our essential self.

May you bask in the grace, glory and divinity embedded in these lecture manuscripts. Herein you are offered true blessings and gifts. Unwrap them carefully, with reverence for these sacred teachings. Your true and essential self will resonate and grow in awareness of the sacred being you are. For some, these manuscripts will initiate your transformation and the beginning of a journey to rediscover who you have always been and will forever be—the light of God, the source of existence, the pure love inherent in all of creation.

Shanti, Namaste, Agapé,
In love, gratitude, compassion and forgiveness…

Rev. Robert Meagher
Founder and Spiritual Director
Spiritual Guidance
Ottawa, ON, CANADA

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Self-published on this site in March 2014.

Pages: 244

Price: 35 euros (PDF document, 2.5MB)

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What participants say

Left Quote MarkAs with Richard’s books “Your Essential Self” and “The Flight of Consciousness,” I have found the Novena series of lectures absorbing, challenging, inspiring, and enlightening in equal measure. I would thoroughly recommend Richard’s work to anyone wishing to discover and live from their heart.Right Quote Mark
Oliver Baum, BA (Hons), MTheol, MBACP, MNCH, Integrative Therapist and Practice Director at The Owl Practice

Left Quote MarkThank you for all that you have done and continue to do in making this world a better place. The journey that ultimately led me to you through Rev. Robert Meagher was via the dark night of the soul and an anguishing spiritual crisis. I discovered your profound teachings that resonated so deeply and provided me with the direction that I was desperately seeking You have truly inspired me Richard with my personal journey for growth having transformed into a passion to become a psychotherapist that offers no less than this. Thank you—for more than you know.Right Quote Mark
Carol Upstone, spiritual psychotherapy student, Transformational Arts College, Toronto, Ontario

Left Quote MarkRichard Harvey's work touches me deeply, profoundly, and lastingly. It inspires my own conscious evolving and guides my counseling practice in a sacred, focused, and respectful way to bring clients to balance, integrated well-being, and heart-opened awareness. I have benefited from his books, his online seminars and articles. Richard is eloquent, inspirational, and brilliant; he offers a healing presence unlike anyone I've ever worked with before. Thank you, Richard, for the wealth of growth opportunities you offer to your students, your clients, and your fans. I am honored to be among them.Right Quote Mark
Rev. Sherry Harris, MSW, RSW, Psycho-Spiritual Counsellor, Coach, and Teacher

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