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Music of The Spirit by Richard Harvey

In ancient cultures—and among preliterate peoples today—music had a spiritual purpose; a therapeutic, practical, and often transcendent meaning that enhanced or stimulated experience.

With reverence for that original spiritual impulse, this music has been composed, performed and produced by Richard Harvey, and can be purchased here and downloaded using the link on the page that will appear or in the email that will be sent to you.

First Light

ten musical soundscapes for ambience, healing and meditation

First Light was composed spontaneously during an intensive meditation retreat. The music is intended to provide an ambient background, and enhance awareness and mindful activity. The music can also be used to bring about states of profound relaxation; to counter stress; for expectant mothers before, during and after birth; and for meditation.

Following an initial small pressing of 100 cassette tapes in 1992, First Light was converted to digital sound, manufactured as a CD and sold several hundred copies by word of mouth. The CD has been played as healing music in alternative and complementary therapy and healing clinics, in school assemblies, as ambient music in shops and healing centers, in therapy sessions, at water births and meditation classes.

“When I heard Richard's CD for the first time, my initial reaction was, 'How is it possible that this man hasn’t fully dedicated himself to music?' Because even though he doesn't recognize it out of natural modesty, he is without doubt a composer of creative capacity, of the same stature as Mike Oldfield or Mark Knopfler.

His exquisite melodies blend in a mixture of harmonies and cadence typical of British Folk music, but with a fantasy which will take us, if we close our eyes, to a plethoric, bucolic and different world, almost without us realizing it.

These are ten superb pieces of music which should always be on your mp3. This is a unique and unrepeatable album of great quality. I hope that this album isn't the last and that we can continue to enjoy this great musical talent.” —Paco Santiago, composer and musician

Play 2 mins:

59 minutes, 10 tracks (Fall, Serendipity, Anthem, Stars, Water, Solitude, Time, Serene, Road, Child)
10 euros
MP3 files
A single ZIP file containing 10 tracks, sized 56 MB
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