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Information about Therapy Sessions

This information applies to individual therapy sessions and couples counseling.


Individual Sessions: 180 euros per 50 minute session.

Couples Counseling: 210 euros per 50 minute session.

I review my charges at least once a year and always give several weeks' notice of any increase.


Please book in advance and be ready and prepared (see below) when I call you for your Skype session.

Getting the Most Out of Your Session

Before your session, please spend 10–15 minutes in mental, emotional and physical preparation, focusing on current issues, tuning into your feelings, practicing conscious breathing or physical exercises, relaxing, or simply catching up with yourself in order to be present and engaged for your session.

After your Session and Supporting your Process

Please allow 10–15 minutes to record important insights, key themes and life statements after your session. Therapy and inner work has an in-visible quality, so keeping a record helps you to give it substance, review what you have done, and grow in awareness of your process by relating and connecting personal issues. I encourage you to keep a notebook specifically for your therapy and inner work, as well as dreams, thoughts and insights that you have between sessions.

Your Commitment to Therapy

Your appointment time is a commitment you should adhere to to maximize the effectiveness of your therapy. The outside world reflects our resistance to change. Particularly in times of breakthrough or strong insight, another commitment, a clashing appointment, or a friend or relative’s visit will seem to be more important than your session. Prioritizing your therapy in these circumstances reflects your commitment to yourself and your process.


A 2-week notice is required for cancellations. Sessions cancelled after this notice will be charged at the regular fee. This applies even if you are incapacitated though illness, accident, or any other unexpected event. When you become ill, please come to sessions if you can. The process we are exploring is holistic (i.e. mental, physical, emotional and spiritual), so exploring your illness is likely to be a crucial way to unrepeatable insights.

Emergency or Extra Sessions

Emergency and extra sessions are available when you work with me in regular ongoing therapy. Please phone and I will see you as soon as I can.

Holidays and Breaks

Please give me as much notice as possible of holidays and breaks from ongoing therapy.

Ending Ongoing Therapy

Ending ongoing therapy impulsively or carelessly adds to our emotional baggage, leaves issues unresolved, and denies you the benefit of a crucial overview of your therapeutic journey. There are many aspects to ending therapy considerately and responsibly: re-owning and taking back projections; acknowledging what we have achieved together; recognizing significant moments of insight; confluence and divergence; sharing mutual feedback and reflection; expressing appreciation and giving constructive appraisal; saying goodbye.

For this reason, at some point we negotiate an ending contract of an appropriate duration that reflects the length of time we have been working together.

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What clients say

Left Quote MarkI first felt the need for psychological support when a return to my family home re-awakened all my unresolved issues. I arranged a preliminary meeting with Richard, and so began a journey together that lasted three years. The whole process cost me a lot of money! But it was the best investment that I ever made. I have never once regretted it. I have now known Richard Harvey for over 20 years and throughout that time, he has continued to display the authenticity for which he himself searched.Right Quote Mark A.S.

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