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Personal Transformation is Possible

The Threshold of Transformation is the transition between first- and second-stage awakenings, the relinquishing of the past in total (summarized in the seven core elements), the culmination of the Process of Self-Discovery, and the fulfillment of the promise of psychotherapy, counseling and inner work. -- Richard Harvey (1)

Amid the hypermarket of spiritual approaches today an ancient truth may still hold true. This is that if you are serious about personal growth and spiritual transformation you must choose a path and stick with it. Nobody I hope today will attest that this path needs to be easy, pleasurable or even attractive to you. The you after all who may be attracted is not the you that will experience transformation and spiritual life.

However the path appears to you, perhaps as irritant, goad, challenge or provocateur, it should be integrated, real, authentic, true and comprehensive. The psychotherapist should be a spiritual teacher and vice versa. (2) He or she should have firsthand knowledge of transformation and the personal and spiritual vagaries of the field of self-exploration and development. Most crucially, he or she should be unattached to the role of psychotherapist, counselor or healer.

If you find yourself involved with SAT, remember there are a series of courses, available alongside therapy, books, articles and lectures that map, not merely academically, but experientially and practically, the full course of a human life’s development and fulfillment. These courses are

Sacred Attention Therapy Online Training Course Level 1
Sacred Attention Therapy Online Training Course Level 2
Sacred Attention Vision (3)

For those of who ask how is transformation possible? Will I ever get there? I answer, yes you can, if you apply yourself with earnestness and sincerity through these SAT practices. It is not easy. It will take commitment, application and perseverance. But personal transformation is possible.

(1)The Unique Teachings of Sacred Attention Therapy - a psycho-spiritual approach by Richard Harvey
(2)The Psychotherpist and Spiritual Teacher, an interview with Richard Harvey
(3)Center for Human Awakening Courses


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This article was published on this site in September 2023.

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