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Human Awakening Groups

a proposal for a workshop for psycho-spiritual practice, ongoing development, and support

The Human Awakening Group

“A group that is committed to personal and spiritual development is indispensable for our inner journey. In Buddhism, the sangha or group of spiritual seekers is considered one of the three essential conditions for spiritual progress.

A group challenges us to be known by others and act skillfully, responsibly, and compassionately in a community of faith and trust. It tests the depth of our understanding of who we really are and what we have genuinely attained. It supports us in our practice, by encouraging discipline and application. Finally, it allows us to identify with the collective soul through our interaction, co-operation, and relationship with others. A group gives us the opportunity to stabilize in the experience of personal authenticity in ordinary life, by allowing space for the inner being in the outer world.”

[excerpt from Your Essential Self by Richard Harvey].

A New Psycho-Spiritual Model

Some of you who have explored my work and psycho-spiritual approach have chosen to see me for individual or couples sessions, others have participated in courses and workshops, or experiential or online training, while others have read my books, articles, and the copious writing on my website and social media as an inspirational aid to personal and spiritual development. Many of you have taken up The Three Stages of Awakening as a fresh new model of psycho-spiritual development.

What Can I Do?

For those of you who have asked me what can I do now or how can I be involved in the practices more deeply, my response is an invitation to create group support for your ongoing, deepening, and committed impulse to awaken.

Human Awakening Group can be formed by any number of sincere, spiritually-inclined people. You may wish to talk to friends, advertise, or use social media or discuss the ideas with colleagues to attract members and create a group.

At the outset you may wish to consider frequency of meeting, the location, how long the meetings will last, whether they will be conducted consensually or led by a fixed or rotating leadership, and what practical or financial matters need to be considered.

Human Awakening Group

The inspirational function of a Human Awakening Group is to practice, develop, grow through, and teach The Three Stages of Awakening. The Human Awakening Group can be created and situated in a physical location or on the internet. The many psycho-spiritual exercises, suggestions for practice and models for healing in my writings (particularly see the exercise section in The Flight of Consciousness) should sustain the group process for a considerable time. I am available for questions, inspiration and encouragement.

Thank you for your divine attention.

With love and blessings,


“Do not settle for less than everything—the transformation of the human heart and the courage to demand and bear the responsibility
of leading a spiritual life in the world.”

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This article was published on this site in 2013.

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