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connecting psychotherapy and spiritual growth for human awakening
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Personal Change and Spiritual Growth

This website is about personal change and spiritual development. You may be seeking clarity and healing through counseling, transformation through depth psychotherapy, or spiritual growth and guidance. Whether you are new to this or have tried it before, here you can discover new ideas and practices, get help and encouragement, and find inspiration.

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Left Quote MarkBeing aware of others is usually easier than being aware of ourselves. Our activities and thoughts are pervaded by an inner atmosphere. We carry unconscious attitudes that preside over our interactions with the outside world and are revealed in expectations and assumptions. In inner work we may uncover these background assumptions through exploring our unconscious preconceptions.Right Quote Mark
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Real Change Comes From Knowing Who You Are

Real change comes about through inner work, when we “attend to soul” and discover who we are. Only then can we can realize our potential for truth, power, creativity and satisfaction. But how do we proceed when faced with such a confusing array of approaches, often mixing modern psychology and ancient, usually Eastern traditions?

Bringing Together Therapy and Spirituality

As a psychotherapist and spiritual teacher, I have explored deeply the relationship between personal therapy and spiritual growth, because they refer us to our innate capacity for wholeness. I found that they are connected by a middle stage of authenticity that brings our unique, compassionate self into true relationship with other people and the world.

My therapeutic approach is an innovative psycho-spiritual psychotherapy, which reveals a new understanding of what it is to know yourself and really change. To find out more about this inner journey, see human awakening.

Information and Practical Resources

On this site, you will find a wealth of resources for personal growth and spiritual awakening:

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My approach to therapy and spirituality

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The School of Languages in Motril has invited Richard to give a talk on relationships as part of its C1 Lecture Series. The talk is entitled "Human Relationships: Love and Boundaries" and it takes place on Tuesday 28th April 6.45pm in the Salon de Actos, EOI de Motril. At the end of the talk questions will be invited from the audience. See for full details.


Richard Harvey's  Sacred Attention Therapy (SAT) Online Training Course is a radical, innovative, psycho-spiritual therapy training for healing professionals, laypeople, as well as for people who are serious about their own personal and spiritual growth and development, consisting of four levels of teaching. See Sacred Attention Therapy Training Course for all the details.

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What people say

Left Quote MarkYears later, I am still amazed at how different I am because of working with Richard. Everything that changed was for the better. His insight into spiritual matters is only rivaled by his ability to explain them. He is a genuine teacher, not blinded by spiritual pride like so many self-proclaimed 'gurus'. I can honestly say that my time spent with him was one of the most eye-opening experiences I've ever had.Right Quote Mark E. K.