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Workshops for Personal and Spiritual Growth

This page lists Richard Harvey’s current workshops schedule. These workshops are intended to deepen and enrich through insight and understanding, both experiential and intellectual, through an innovative psycho-spiritual approach. All the workshops are open to beginners or those with experience of inner work, both individuals and couples. For more information about working in groups see interview about group therapy.

Please also see courses for further exploration and deepening on your inner journey. The calendar listing provides dates of all courses and workshops.

The Enlightened Moment

In the first half of 2018 I am planning to travel through Europe and North America speaking to small groups, conducting satsangs and/or workshops and meeting people who are interested in spirituality and psycho-spiritual matters. I am welcoming invitations to visit you or your group for informal or formal gatherings or simply to get to know you better and exchange ideas.

If you would like invite me to your home or center, to meet you or your group or gathering, or if you would be interested in hosting and coordinating (perhaps with others) a weekend event called The Enlightened Moment, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. If you think you may be interested but need to find out more, please send me your questions.

Current Schedule for Events

How my schedule is shaping up…

We have mustered a flurry of responses. Interest has been shown from:

UK & Europe
  • England: Bristol, Woking, Cheshire, Nottingham, Yorkshire
  • Ireland: Dublin, Limerick, Kerry, West Cork
  • Spain: Alicante, Almeria
  • Finland:  Helsinki
  • Portugal: Alentejo
  • Italy: Umbria
  • The Netherlands: Zwolle Area
  • Belgium: Brussels
  • Hungary: Budapest
Canada & USA
  • Canada: Ottawa
  • USA: New York, San Francisco, California, Denver

Dates Already Confirmed

Ottawa 4–6 May 2018
Bristol 2–4 March 2018
Woking, Surrey 17–18 March 2018
Adare, Co Limerick 24–25 Feb 2018

And we have now put up a link at The Englightened Moment.

If you coordinate an event, a satsang, or a talk I appreciate that it takes you energy and time. What do you get for doing it? I suggest that you may participate in the event for free and/or that we negotiate some remuneration for you based on the time it has taken and you what we feel is fair. So once again I am open to negotiation.

Whether we meet this time or not I wish you well and hope your life is bright, abundant, and filled with opportunities for living in consciousness!

Organizing Workshops, Courses and Events Internationally

Richard is available to run workshops on therapy and spiritual growth internationally. If you would like to organize an event or invite Richard to facilitate an existing group please contact us.

Richard also works with existing groups, businesses and communities who are experiencing difficulties in achieving their aims. For full details of his group dynamic approach see Facilitating Groups and Communities.

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Group Therapy and Healing

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What clients say

Left Quote MarkWorking with Richard has literally changed my life. His supportive workshops helped me to see the restrictive patterns that I was living my life by and allowed me to move towards a life of greater self-responsibility and one in which I can respond to situations rather than simply react…In great appreciation of the quality of work that you offer…Right Quote Mark D.E.

Left Quote MarkYou have never been forgotten. I have just completed a 5-day residential seminar, which was OK, but not a patch on your groups. The profundity of experience, energy and fun of your workshops has never been surpassed. Since my experiences with you, I have largely been attracted to people and practices who work intuitively in the moment; I think it is a rare gift, even in these so-called enlightened times.Right Quote Mark Peter Zealley, Craniosacral Therapist

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