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The Psycho-Spiritual Training Group

a three-year training for body-mind, soul and spirit

This training comprises participation in the Psycho-Spiritual Development Course over three years, taking further levels of responsibility including working with others within the group, reflecting on your work, and leading at least two group processes. The training is not only for practitioners but also for people who wish to bring an advanced degree of awareness to the inner life and collective attention to their authenticity.

The training includes group process time and individual time, along with written work and reading, understanding theory balanced with experiential ability, and involvement in the group program outside the training course for participants who want it or are challenged by the idea of assisting in running groups.

At the end of the course your level of ability and awareness is evaluated by your peer group in a diploma-free assessment/ritual. If required, a certificate of course completion will be given that implies no accreditation outside of your peer group evaluation. Your inner sense of worth decides all!

For further details of dates, prices and bookings see the Psycho-Spiritual Development Course, which forms the basis of this training group.

Based on Three Insights

The training is based on three insights:

1. The Process of Self-Discovery: The Psychology of Personality

Our small sense of self, which we experience as character, is a reflection of our deeper self. But when we become attached to the small self we deny ourselves freedom. We partly do this through clinging to the small sense of self and living in a prison of emotional and behavioral patterns which effectively have us going round in circles without any memory that we have repeated life experiences which are dictated to us from our conditioning. To conceal this from ourselves we use our character as a defense.

Our character has to be brought consistently to awareness until it becomes transparent to us and we can, not shed it, but understand it for what it is, live with it in a positive way and become empowered to make new choices. This is the work of personal therapy and the aim is to resolve the unfinished business of our early life experiences.

2. The Change into Authenticity: The Psychology of Transformation

When we have recognized and shed our attachment to our small sense of self we are faced with the fact that, since we are not our character, we don’t really know who we are. There follows a great adventure in authenticity. We confront our fears and desires in a radical way and ask, “If I am not willing to be who I really am, then what is the meaning of my life?”

Thus we cross a threshold of truth and sincerity to fundamental change. No longer are we driven by the compulsions of our habitual emotional and behavioral drives and living in a prison of our own making. We have become genuine, real and our relationships to life and to others are transformed by this new understanding. This is the work of depth psychotherapy and the aim is to be become responsible and authentic.

3. The Source of Consciousness: The Psychology of Transcendence

The true Self is the state of perfect freedom in which we transcend the human conditions of fear and desire. We reach a deep understanding of the body-mind and soul as incarnate spirit and practice living out of emptiness and not-knowing. This is how we learn to truly be, beyond separation and attachment. It is the state of non-ordinary ordinariness, wisdom and unity. It is experienced by many temporarily but it requires great courage and determination to remain in it.

This is the work of psycho-spiritual psychotherapy and the aim is to live in the present moment beyond memory of the past or fear of the future, centered in the spiritual realms beyond the personal, being perfectly natural and ultimately oneself.

Content of the Training

The Psycho-Spiritual Training Group is a three-year training which devotes time to each of these three insights.

In the First Year: We work with the unconscious motivations and drives which bind us to emotional-behavioral patterns that lead to dissatisfaction. We work with personal biography, present day life issues and the fundamental structure of our character to understand fully who we think we are and how we have become identified with the small self.

In the Second Year: We work with the practices of truth and authenticity, become open to deep change in our lives and transformation.

In the Third Year: We practice out of the deep truth of the Self, opening to experiences of transcendence and spontaneity and deepening awareness to stabilize in the true Self.

Training Methods

The training consists of:

The Psycho-Spiritual Training Course is not a “feel good” course; it is a serious psycho-spiritual training that requires great application and personal commitment. There is absolutely no guarantee that you will fulfill the demands of the three insights within three years—spiritual training develops over a lifetime…and beyond. However, for those who bring sincerity, resolve and energy to their work, change or transformation are inevitable.

“What is the use of knowing about everything else when you do not yet know who you are?” —Ramana Maharshi

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Personal Issues and Spiritual Growth

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What clients say

Left Quote MarkI first felt the need for psychological support when a return to my family home re-awakened all my unresolved issues. I arranged a preliminary meeting with Richard, and so began a journey together that lasted three years. The whole process cost me a lot of money! But it was the best investment that I ever made. I have never once regretted it. I have now known Richard Harvey for over 20 years and throughout that time, he has continued to display the authenticity for which he himself searched. This authenticity can feel uncompromising at times, but it creates a quality of relationship that is not satisfied until the new-born soul is revealed, burnished and shining.Right Quote Mark A.S.

General information about courses

The Venue
Unless otherwise indicated, courses take place at Cortijo Llano de Manzano, Canar, nr. Orgiva, Spain. See information about the location.

Saturdays: 10am to 6pm
Sundays: 10am to 4pm

Prices and Booking
For prices, see individual course details.
For bookings, see how to book.

Food and Refreshments
Tea, coffee, herb teas and biscuits are provided. Please bring your own light lunch.

Getting There
Please see our Travel Information on how to get to the area and to Cortijo Llano Manzano itself.

All courses are non-residential. If you are traveling to attend and need help finding accommodation please click here.

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